ai agent download

1. Instruction of AI-Agent
It is comprised of 2 files.

- config.txt
// configuration file
- aiagent.jar // AiAgent Client

2. Instruction of config file
- name : login name
- password : login password
- engine : Ai Engine path

3. GTP commands that AiAgent uses
- name
- clear_board
- boardsize
- komi
- kgs-time_settings
- time_left
- genmove
- play

4. Resume the game
If the network connection is disconnected irregularly, AiAgent keeps trying to connect to the server. If it succeeds to connect to the server, it brings the information of plays saved in the server prior to the disconnection, and it automatically resumes the game.

5. Log
The log information occurred during the communication between AI engine and server, is saved not only as Console output, but also as file(log_2022xxxx.txt).

6. Test environment
- The Test environment provided is the same as the actual competition and it changes as the match information set by the match table.
- In the test period, two IDs (actual and test ID) will be provided to each team.
- The operator for the test should create a match using the two IDs provided to each team, so that each team can test the match.
- If you login with the each provided Id, the game is matched automatically and you can test it.
- You can test the game whenever you re-login.
- In the actual competition, you can’t login with the test ID, and you must login with the actual ID for competition.

7. Match Viewer (Web browser viewer for observing match)
You can observe matches through the viewer.