Competition Rules
1. Korean Baduk rules and 19x19 Baduk board. The game will be forefelt if tardy by 10 minutes.
2. The playing time for each side is only byo-yomi(countdown), 3 times 20 seconds for both preliminary and final tournament.
3. During the match, if ‘Pass’ is done by both players, the counting begins with auto counting provided by the system. After completing auto counting, the referee will check the result and judge the final result(The results of matches and match table will be displayed live through the homepage of the competition website).
4. The early rehearsal is for the procedure to check two things,
(1) if the connection is stable between the programs of participants and competition system
(2) if the tools needed for the matches are implemented properly. The rehearsal has no relation to the draw of matches or game results.
5. Preliminary ranking will be determined by mixed league of Swiss League style. According to the ranking, the first 8 participants will advance to the final tournament (The number of preliminary rounds will be announced depending on the number of participants).
6. In the final tournament (quarterfinal ~ final), the seedings are based on each team's record in the preliminary. The participant with the best record matches with the participant with the lowest record(Ex. 1st team vs 8th team). The quarterfinal and semifinal are decided by only one game. The final is decided by the best of three games.
7. In the preliminary rounds, connection problems or timeout due to delay will be the responsibility of the participants. If the connection of participant’s AI program is disconnected from the server, the processing time that will be given is up to 10 minutes. If processing time is over 10 minutes, the participant will forfeit the game(Regarding the connection issue and the counting of processing time, the referee will be monitoring the information transmitted from the server and players).
8. In the event of a dispute, the referee shall have full authority to deal with it, and the participants must follow the decisions made by the referee.
9. The match will be conducted through GTP(Go text protocol) on the internet platform provided by host.

Please register through the homepage (After receiving confirmation, it will be deemed that the registration has been successful).
Address of official homepage :
The information needed to fill in for registration
- Name of the AI Baduk program
- Name, nationalities, current address, and picture of developer (write in order of contribution to program development)  
- Name, detailed job position, mobile phone, email of representing developer
- Title of team (If there is no title of team, the name of representing developer will be used instead) - Technical declaration (please declare the originality of the program, and the opensource Go program, library, parameter, or module used in the program)
- Whether new technology is used to develop the program - Information of hardware